Inkwell dire lion by quigleyer-d4t641u

An artist's rendition of Ajanisi that's not copyrighted at all.

Ajanisi the Grand Lion is a legendary lion rumored to live in the forests near the bridge of Protera. Reports say that he is anything from 10 to 30 feet tall, and could weigh as much as 12 tons.


Legends say that Ajanisi sowed the first seeds of the forests he resides in, and starved for many years to give life a chance to flourish. He is viewed as the progenitor of life of the land by indigenous tribes of goblins that live near the bridge of Protera, and stories of his might have become common in widespread folklore. The Proteran goblins both respect and fear the presence of the Grand Lion, though most everyone else treats him as an urban legend.