All substances have the capability to be of "pure" or "impure" quality. An appraisal check of 15 is required to discern the difference. A player's Craft: Blakrock skill may (USED INSTEAD/ADDED?) to this appraisal check. Consumption of an impure substance will result in making a constitution check (varies by drug). If the player passes, the drugs take as normal, but with reduced benefits. If the player fails, a more significant penalty (varies by drug) is induced.


Blakrock is one of rarest drugs in Cambria, and also among the most powerful. The Dwarves of __________were the first to consume (and shortly later manufacture), after descovering the potent effects of mixing high-proof alcohol with a black powder, a grinded form of __________, an ingenous rocks. It is generally consumed through snorting the powder up through the nasal cavity.

King Blakrock:

For years, Blackrock was strictly used by its architechts, The Deep Dwarves, who spent decades experimenting and tinkering with the recipe, even adding components of alchemy and magic to refine the drug into its final form. In the meantime, however, while the professionals and tradesmen labored to craft a better form of Blackrock, consumption of more primitave versions of the drug (many containing unpure and dangerous qualities) had quickly spread as recreation to large pockets of Deep Dwarven Society. This did not go unnoticed by the Dwarf King Baidren Deepslayer, who demanded that a panel of alchemists, geologists, wizards, and other relevant professionals bring forth to him a worthy sample. Under its influence, Baidren locked himself in his chambers for 3 days, refusing food or drink. He later claimed that he also did not sleep during this period of isolation. At midnight on the third day, Baidren returned to the court a "converted" man. He presented his ideas on the meditative, intellectual, and spiritual benefits of his high. Exuberantly he declared Blakrock a Deep Dwarven sacrement, and implemented its consumption to fit in with current Dwarven establishments and institutions. Baidren and his court were of the firm opinon that the drug must stay a Deep Dwarven secret, and a secret it remained...for a few decades. Baidren Deepslayer is now more or less considered the Patron Saint of Blackrok users. "King Blakrock" is now a slang term, reserved for only this highest quality of the drug.


Ingredients required for pure blakrock:

Ingredients required for impure blakrock:

Ingredients required for King blakrock:

Craft: Blakrock Skill:

Effects: All effects from any quality of blakrock last for 1D6+1 hours.

Pure: +2Str, +2Int

Impure(Pass const. check): +2Int, -3 to Concentration checks

Impure(Fail const. check): -2Dex, -3 to Concentration checks, -2 to all saves

King Blakrock: +4Str, +4Int