Bagger 288 - Tribute to the Beast!

Bagger 288 - Tribute to the Beast!

One of the machines utilized by the Darrow Mining Corporation.

The Darrow Mining Corporation is a massive mining, drilling, and foundry corporation founded by Tifus Darrow and run by his son Darryl Darrow until his death in The Red Ruin. It currently runs 22 mines across Palea, Nea, and Protera.

Foundation and ExpansionEdit

Tifus Darrow founded the corporation in 1234, at age 22, just south of the bridge of Protera. The original mine was found to be richer than expected, allowing Darrow to purchase two more mines later that year. It rapidly expanded, spreading across much of southern Protera, and soon cross-continent to Nea and Palea. The most famous of the sites would eventually become Halbrook.


Darrow Mining Corp has, for many years, been in an unofficial rivalry with Halaen Mining and Drilling. Though Darrow claimed Protera and Nea quickly, and Halaen Mining and Drilling claimed Hala and Creta, Palea is an oft-contested ground for these two corporations. Darrow Mining Corp generally operates in the southeast, ranging from the Cliffs of Preston to up near Captain's Bay.

After the death of Darryl Darrow, ownership of the Darrow Mining Corporation is under dispute by Darrow's two main foreman, Smidgely and Byron Steely.