Though imposing in size, white dragons are rarely evil creatures.

Dragons in Cambria are a complex magical race. Like most other intelligent races, they can follow any alignment, and each has their own set of morals and rules.

Colors and AlignmentEdit

Chromatic dragons in Cambria are rare, and metallic dragons are just the stuff of legends. Most every child has been regaled with stories of evil red and black dragons, and much of the population may believe that these are the only types of dragons. In fact, white, blue, and green dragons are more abundant, though still certainly not common by any means. Red and black dragons are almost always neutral evil or chaotic evil, and white, blue, and green dragons all range from lawful good to chaotic neutral.


Dragons hatch from eggs laid by female dragons, and are generally protected by the mothers while male dragons provide her with food and treasure. As soon as the eggs hatch, any bonds between the two parents are broken, and the father stays to raise the new dragonkin while the mother leaves to find a new mate.

Dragons are innately magical, manifesting magical powers at a relatively young age, around 30 years of growth. Not only can they cast spells, but dragons are also in tune with magical happenings around them, and can identify magic spells and auras around them with no exerted effort. As soon as a dragon shows magical aptitude, it is released by its father into the world to fend for itself. 


Dragon behavior is skewed by alignment, but all have very similar habits among the different colors. Most dragons live solitary lifestyles away from other dragons, but share a similar habitat with their own color. Blue and white dragons prefer colder climates, green dragons prefer temperate climates like rainforests or bogs, and red dragons prefer hot and dry areas around volcanoes or deserts. Black dragons take what homes they can get, normally wresting a roost from a different dragon and claiming its territory as the black dragon's own. Black dragons are the only dragons that show no regard for their own kin, and have no problem killing other black dragons if the stakes are high enough.

Dragons of any color adore treasure, often hoarding it in large amounts in their homes. No dragon gives up treasure willingly, but it can be coerced from them violently, or gifted by showing acts that follow the dragon's alignment.

Dragons as ReligionEdit

Dragons have been known to be worshipped by many different groups over the millenia. Though few non-monstrous races worship dragons anymore, kobolds and lizardfolk are common worshippers of dragons, setting up camps and temples in areas surrounding their dragon of worship. These zealots tend to provide food and treasure for their dragon, and many travelers have been abducted by them to be sacrificed or occasionally stripped of all valuables and left to die in the wilderness.

A few dragon worshipping cults still abound in civilization, mostly in Protera or Hala.