Franklin Boggs is a cantankerous Halfling tinker living just outside of Shipwreck Point in a secluded tower whose doors are never unlocked. Nobody in Shipwreck Point knows how old he is, how long he's been there, or what he does with his days, but he ventures out very very rarely to gather supplies. He has not been seen since the first Red Ruin.


Franklin is about 3' tall, bearded, balding, and is known for his curious goggles and toolbelt that he wears, presumably, at all times.

The TowerEdit

The Tower is Franklin's home just outside of Shipwreck Point. It is a very tall, narrow building surrounded by acres of topiary and scenic gardens, all surrounded by a tall cast iron fence and multiple protective spells. It is a pain to enter, and anyone that has tried has failed, aside from Franklin himself, who utilizes a curious instrument to open and close locks.

Gelbin Wei

Franklin himself, with his trademark goggles.