Halbrook before The Red Ruin.

Halbrook was at one time the largest city in Cambria, with a population of over 1,300,000. It has since been reduced to a shantytown due to The Red Ruin, populated only by those who survived underground.


Halbrook was founded many years ago by Tifus Darrow , an enthusiastic mining entrepeneur looking for a new largescale operation. He found it in The Proudpeak, providing an abundance of copper, gold, and platinum. The initial mining colony grew as people learned how active the waters were for fishing and how fertile the nearby landscape was for farming. With every need accounted for, and an abundance of land available, the town prospered, much to Darrow's delight as self-proclaimed mayor of Halbrook. A statue was erected by the populace made entirely of bronze made with the copper of the mountain, and Darrow still has lots of respect in the community.

Years after this, the city became too big for a mayor, and it became a democratic monarchy, with the whole of the populace voting kings into power for life. The current king is King Leoric.

Before The Red RuinEdit

Before the city was destroyed, it was a huge, busy city. Everyone was represented, from orcs to elves, thieves to paladins. Whether rising the ranks of the underground thieves guild or sweeping the streets around the massive Cathedral Square, everyone had a shot at greatness. At each king's passing, a city-wide election was held to vote in the next king for life.

No matter what one needed in Halbrook, they were sure to find it. People (and other intelligent beasts) from all around the world flocked to Halbrook, bringing with them a wealth of diversity and experience. Whether needing something shady from the underground Church of the Bad Religion, or a prayer and a kind word from the worshippers of Heironius, Halbrook had it.

Since The Red RuinEdit

The cataclysmic events of The Red Ruin leveled the city, which resided in immediate proximity to the apex of the explosion, and very little remains. It is in the process of being rebuilt by the approximately 60,000 citizens who survived in Shelters , but the future of the town looks bleak with the land and waters ravaged.

The shelters of the populace have been overrun with strange monsters.

Business in HalbrookEdit

Many people in Halbrook now have nothing but their savings left, and will pay a good amount of cash for services they're incapable of. Though this mostly consists of construction, hunting, and fishing, a dungeoneering profession has sprung up among the bravest of survivors to delve back into the shelters and retrieve family heirlooms and valuables while avoiding or slaying any of the many monsters that have sprung up.