The Hudd Mountains are a large mountain range in northern Palea that seperate Leyra from the rest of the continent.

General InfoEdit

The tallest point in the Hudd Mountains is 17,000 feet, approximately. Though the southern side is generally pleasant, the northern side of the mountains can be brutal, with harsh winds, biting cold, and dangerous wildlife like Wendigos, Frost Salamanders, and Trolls made of crystal. Reports of dragons and giant, wandering men of stone have been noted, but not verified.

Magic and MountainsEdit

The magic of the nearby Ley Nexus has caused some interesting happenings around the Hudds, though it's hard to tell what's fact from fiction. Stories of ghosts, giant animals, and horrible creatures abound. Travelers are advised to take caution and stay on the path. There's only one secure path over the mountains, though a brave team of gnomes are attempting to navigate the passages underneath to see if there is any way through with slightly less danger than the open air.