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King Leoric of Halbrook (Age 53) is the acting ruler of Halbrook , known for his generosity. He now scrambles to regain order after The Red Ruin.

Growing UpEdit

King Leoric was elected to kingdom at age 25, making him the youngest king ever to rule Halbrook. In contrast to his predecessor, Leoric opted to run the city generously, and though he got some flak for tax increases, their use on projects such as the Halbrook Sewer System and paved roads to Three RiversPreston, and Captain's Bay was met with much contentedness.


10 days ago, King Leoric made a public declaration from his usual speaking post in Cathedral Square to warn of an upcoming apocalypse. He claimed to have seen a vision of all-consuming fire, blasting across the land and wiping out all life above ground. He encouraged the populace to create underground shelters to protect themselves. Though only about 10% of citizens took his claims seriously, they were the lucky ones to survive.

After The Red RuinEdit

King Leoric scrambles around the ruins of Halbrook and the shantytown around Proudpeak Bay to help survivors in any way he can. He has made a public announcement against the act of Dungeoneering, outlawing it to protect citizens and their property.