This man was vaporized the instant he cast a spell.

The Ley Nexus is an area of intense magical concentration in Leyra of northern Palea, where multiple ley lines meet.

Effects of Magical ConcentrationEdit

The magic of the Ley Nexus has many effects on the biology and environment of the surrounding area. The animal life of Blueshine Bay is unusually large and aggressive, and some have been able to adopt magical powers of their own. Similar effects have been noted for terrestrial animals as well such as the wendigos and frost wurms.


Since the Ley Nexus is a source of immense magic, dragons are drawn to its auras. Though the Ley Nexus is in a very snowy, cold part of Palea, it attracts dragons of all colors. They often reside in the cliffs surrounding Blueshine Bay and in the nearby mountains.


The Northern Ley Line College of White Cap tasks itself with intense study of magic around this ley line junction.