The Nightfang Clan is the only known werewolf clan that resides in the Mittewald. Though most werewolves are found in Hala and Protera, this clan traveled far to start a new life with a largely human element and minimal casualties. Unfortunately, the Mittewald is only so big, and aside from the noctural bloodlust that comes naturally to them, civil war threatens to tear apart their ranks.


Most of the Nightfang Clan abides by a credo of "resist the flesh, do no harm:" They tend to attempt to put themselves in a position to hunt only wild animals during their transformative periods. However, they understand the drive to feast on something sentient, so any human on the Nightfang grounds is subject to multiple warning signs on the edge of Nightfang territory. Any who ignore the signs are considered fair game at full moons.

Civil WarEdit

Some werewolves, citing the evidence that lycanthropy was a human invention, have come to the conclusion that if humanity can create such monsters, that it should learn to deal with them. A small but growing number of werewolves lead by a charismatic leader have been abandoning the Nightfang grounds to purposely hunt humans. This act has caused dissention in the ranks and promises to end in bloodshed if there is no peacemaking between the two ideologies.