Northern Ley Line College is a prestigious wizarding academy in White Cap that studies and takes advantage of the nearby Ley Nexus to learn about the properties of magic. It is one of three major wizarding schools in Cambria.


The college was founded 150 years ago right near the Ley Nexus, but was moved after discovering the effects of lingering magical radiation on the health of many races. Gnomes seemed to be immune to this radiation, and the phenomenon is still being studied. The college has since moved to White Cap, where all types of arcane magic are studied.

Education SystemEdit

The school takes five years to graduate from: three years of general study and two years of specialty study. The speciality study refers to a preferred school for wizards, and field studies for those with innate power like sorcerers. Thus, wizards are generally groomed for official business, while sorcerers are generally field workers and battle casters.

Divine MagicEdit

Though many petitions have gone through to allow divine study at NLLC, they have been repeatedly and vociferously denied. This is a source of contention for some outside of Leyra.