One end of the road.

Old Greymeadow, previously just Greymeadow, is a town hidden away in the Mittewald in the center of Nea. It is primarily a hunting village, and was a common rest stop for traders until the Second Red Ruin. It is still a common home for many people who have to travel the continent, such as the famed archaeologist Thea Walcott.


Greymeadow was founded by refugees of Cuthbert who disagreed with the increasing influence of Dirmlock on the town. These refugees set up a small hunting village deep in the woods, at the foothills of the Redtop Mountains and on the shores of the Pelastes River. It has since evolved into the safe haven of the Mittewald, allowing travelers to attempt to traverse the forest in relative safety.

After the Second Red RuinEdit

The whole city has moved. Not that the population has up and left, but rather, the city, buildings and all, have shifted about half a mile away from the road. In its place is now a crossroads, with signs to "Old Greymeadow" pointing in either direction. Walls have sprung up around the towns on either side of the road, barring visitors from entering. Citizens only leave to hunt for food, and other than that stay in their walls and mind their own business. Is this a schism in the town population, or something more sinister?


The other side of the road.