The continent of Palea.

Palea is one of five main continents in Cambria. It is home to the planet's ex-largest city, Halbrook, and its ex-tallest mountain, The Proudpeak. It was the focal point of the explosion now known as The Red Ruin.


Palea has a rich and diverse geography and climate, owing to its lateral size. It stretches from near the equator to near the northern ice caps. The four states of Palea have varying climates. Preston, in the South, has endless plains of wheat and suncrest, with great cliffs of chalk and carbonates. Eroth, to the Northeast, has very hilly, rocky terrain. The Darrows, to the West, are dense, dark, swampy forests that give way to a beautiful coast line. Finally, Leyra to the North is very cold and snowy, set apart from the rest of the continent by swaths of mountains.


The population of Palea is approximately 80% human. 12% is made up of dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and elves, and 5% is made up of more exotic races. The "indigenous" Ajani make up the remaining 3% of the population.

Religion varies by race, but generally it is assumed that if someone is religious, he or she worships Pelor.

Notable Cities and TownsEdit