The chalky Cliffs of Preston.

Preston is a moderate-sized farming and fishing town on the southern coast of Palea. The nearby Cliffs of Preston are its main attraction.

General InfoEdit

Preston has a population of about 2,500. Primarily, this population makes a living by farming dry-weather products like wheat, corn, and suncrest. Others make a living fishing, or working in the nearby chalk quarry. The Historical Society of Palea is also based in Preston. It provides lots of food, and thus gains lots of income, from trading with Halbrook.

Since The Red RuinEdit

Since The Red Ruin, the quarry has been impossible to work in. One of the walls ruptured and is now flooded. Strange noises have been heard near there.

The Cliffs of Preston have cracked open, revealing huge veins of gold. Many people want this, and the Darrow Mining Corporation and Halaen Mining and Drilling now fight for control of it.

The Historical Society of Palea will pay decent money for any artifacts or relics of The Red Ruin, or anything that may seem of importance to documenting the history of the continent.