Protera is one of five main continents in the world of Cambria. It is a primarily natural place, with few large cities and a large variety of intelligent races and wildlife.


Protera is split into two main sections, simply titled Northern and Southern Protera. These two main sections are seperated by two bays, Ketzel Bay to the west and Pratchett Bay to the east, and a thin land bridge.

The south is a large tropical jungle, complete with volcanoes and the Gold Rift Valley. It is relatively uninhabited, though there are many camps set up by the Darrow Mining Corporation. Generally, however, the jungle is too thick and dangerous to spend long periods of time in.

The north is a more settled area, with cities, roads, and a large population. Few people dare to cross the bridge of Protera, due to its dangerous conditions and many stories of Xdangerous, fearsome Ycreatures.


The population of Protera is 50% elves, 20% goblins, 10% Kenku, 10% human, and 10% dwarves, gnomes, and halflings.

Religion varies by race, and is usually not a subject of discussion in Protera. Elves generally worship Corellon Larethian, and make up a majority of the population.

Notable Cities and TownsEdit