A typical shelter entrance.

Shelters were created en masse around Palea and northern Nea to shelter citizens near The Red Ruin.


Shelters vary greatly, based on wealth, class, and time being built. The lowest classes simply dug holes into the ground as far as they could with shovels, while the most affluent had teams digging deep for days in order to spend their time underground in relative comfort and security. Public teams of workers built citizen shelters, to house large amounts of people. Some shelters contain traps or puzzles in order to keep out wanton looters.


Many of the shelters have been invaded by strange, never-before-seen creatures. These abberations now use the shelters as their homes and do not take kindly to visitors.


Due to the nature of the abberations, many families do not want to return to their shelters, hiring Dungeoneers to enter their shelters for them to retrieve riches, family heirlooms, and the like.