Shepherd's Ferry is a moderately sized port town in Northern Nea, along the coastline of the Ovca Swamps. It is primarily inhabited by halflings and dwarves, and is officially the property of King Leoric of Palea.


Shepherd's Ferry was originally known for its ovca - the huge, wooly sheep-like animals inhabited the Ovca Hills before they were flooded by The Red Ruin. Since then, the ovca in the area have been hard to find. Most domesticated ovca were killed in The Red Ruin, and the hunt for wild ovca has been relatively unsuccessful. With the city in ruins and the ovca nowhere to be found, many citizens have turned to less than legal methods of income, though some still cling onto hope of reigniting the ovca spirit of the city. The Nean Historical Society has set up a museum containing many historical facets of Nea.

Since The Red RuinEdit

Many ex-farmers have lost their entire heard of ovca, and thus have turned to less than legal methods of money making. A sect of pirates has sprung up in the area, terrorizing ships approaching the harbor.

King Leoric continues to search for any information about the whereabouts of Boris Tattik, and any help will be rewarded heartily.

Ovca corpses have been discovered in the swamps, but seem to have been killed by more than just harsh winds and rain.

A cult worshipping Hextor, the god of tyranny and massacre, has sprung up after The Red Ruin and may be planning something.