Shipwreck Point is a small locale at the very northern point of Nea . Its name is derived from its dangerous waters and thick fog that often masks the lights from its multiple lighthouses.


The town at Shipwreck Point is called Glory, but this name is only used in the town itself; anyone from outside the town will refer to it with the name of the province instead. Glory is a small town of only 500, mostly old, battle scarred fishermen and women, mostly consisting of dwarves and humans. The villagers must be exceptionally brave to traverse the stormy waters, but the fish are equally tough and are quite the delicacy. The most common market fish from Glory is the Titanfish .

Besides fishermen, there are a few store owners, one inn known as the The Glory Hole, and one particularly secluded tinker named Franklin Boggs , who lives on the outskirts of town and loves a technological challenge.

The DriftyardEdit

The Driftyard is the local name for the bay where the broken ships and dead creatures from the treacherous waters wash up. It's a vile, repulsive place, but some people have found a decent haul of treasure in it. It's not just humans searching through the wreckage, however; many carnivorous and scavenging creatures search through the driftwood for meals, and will eat anything, dead or alive.

Wind TunnelsEdit

The wind and water has eroded an elaborate cave system into the cliffs beneath Glory, which are rumored to be the home of many animals, both mundane and extraordinary. From wolves and bears to the legendary Sheoldred, many people have faced these dangers and either returned in a fit of hysteria, or simply not returned at all.

After the Red RuinEdit


There are a couple of rumors floating around about the folks in Glory and weird happenings around there.

1) Besides just the Titanfish, other, even larger aquatic things have been seen leaping in the waters, some rumored to be larger than most boats.

2) Franklin Boggs is up to something. He hasn't left his place in days, and strange noises have been heard coming from the tower he resides in.

3) Strange noises have been coming from the wind caves below the town. Animals refuse to go near it, and John Barley, local fisherman, went to investigate and never returned.