Here's a collection of important lore/homebrew stuff you should know about before we start.

Homebrew StuffEdit


The story so far:

It's been ten days since King Leoric of Halbrook made his prophecy. To a crowd of thousands in Cathedral Square he declared that he had seen a vision brought upon him by the mightiest of gods that, exactly one week from that day, the world would be consumed by fire. Like most every "prophet," many people treated him with suspicion; it had been a long time since he was voted in to succeed the previous king for life. Perhaps he was losing his mind. Stress can get to a man. But those who followed his orders to build Shelters underground did not regret it, for, true to his word, the world was in fact, ravaged by fire. Now known as The Red Ruin, it has been three days, and people are starting to emerge from their shelters to a new world, ravaged by drought, famine, political upheaval, and a rare few questioning why this has happened.

  • Just branch off from the Nea page, since that's where you'll be starting off, to get a basic gist of the geography and cities.
  • Look over the House Rules.

UPDATE as of 4/1: The Red Ruin has wreaked havoc across the land. Livelihoods have been destroyed, and new lives are starting to form. Horrible creatures called Aberrations are ravaging the land, forcing people into hiding. A second and third Red Ruin happened on Protera and Nea, and these catastrophes are only exacerbating the problems many have faced. A mysterious wizard named Boris Tattik has recruited the adventurers to investigate strange happenings around the world, hoping to discover who is behind these attacks and how they can be stopped. Our heroes are currently saving the town of Old Greymeadow in an attempt to get more information on these rifts that allow Aberrations to pass into this world.