Proudpeak before The Red Ruin.

The Proudpeak was an enormous mountain in Southwestern Palea , before it was destroyed in The Red Ruin. In its place is now Proudpeak Bay.

The ProudpeakEdit

The Proudpeak has been a legendary landmark since life began, being the tallest mountain in all of Cambria. At its base stood an enormous city, Halbrook , home to the royalty of Palea and almost 40% of the population of the nation. It was rich with minerals, finding much copper, gold, and platinum deep beneath its rocky crust.

Proudpeak BayEdit

After The Red Ruin, Proudpeak mountain was destroyed, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and the city in ruin. Those who were wise enough to heed the king's word and seek shelter underground came up after the cataclysm to find their beloved city and mountain gone. Where once stood a metropolis now stands a shantytown; much of the population must stay in tents or simple in the open air with just blankets and some clothes to get them through the day.