The Red Ruin was an enormous cataclysmic event centered around the Proudpeak that killed much of the life of Cambria that remained above ground during the explosion. It reduced the Proudpeak to a lake known as Proudpeak Bay, and has had disastrous effects on the life of the land.

The King and SheltersEdit

King Leoric of Palea, having heard from a divine messenger about the forthcoming cataclysm, sent warning out across all of Palea and much of Nea and Protera to take shelter deep underground. Many listened and found themselves waiting in underground bomb shelters, and those who did not would come to regret it, as The Red Ruin damaged much of the world and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Many cities and civilizations now scramble to regain their former glory and many fights and former conflicts have formed around resources and land.


Much of the plant life in Palea and northern Nea struggles to grow, making agriculture a difficult endeavor. Wildlife has become more aggressive as a response to dwindling food sources, and possibly due to a new threat of bizarre, aberrational creatures that have begun to appear around the land.

A group of wizards known collectively as The Red Mages have taken it upon themselves to study the phenomenon. They have taken up residence around Halbrook in signature red and gold tents.