Three Rivers is a city in the middle of Palea named after it's location at the junction of Palea's three main rivers. It is widely considered a gambling and party town.

General InfoEdit

Three Rivers has a population of only 8,000, but on any given night could have as many as twice that many people in town for festivities. This town is thus made up almost entirely of inns of varying degrees of lawfulness. The police force is known throughout Palea as a joke, often joining in on the parties instead of enforcing proper law.

Varying Degrees of LawfulnessEdit

In Three Rivers, one can find any number of activities, from 21+ drinking and poker to illegal fighting rings and hard narcotics, all depending on what you're looking for and how hard you look for it.

Since The Red RuinEdit

The southern side of Three Rivers is nearly completely destroyed as a result of The Red Ruin. Tourism is at an all time low, and many inns and shops face foreclosure. The folks of Three Rivers need a new source of income.

Many people have resorted to increasingly prevelant and dangerous drug use, causing the police to attempt to spring into action. They'll need help to bring down the drug epidemic and whoever's behind it.