Tifus Darrow (1212-1283) was a Dwarvish mining and industry tycoon, owning many mines, foundries, and smithing industries across Palea, Nea, and Protera. In addition, he was an accomplished armorsmith, designing armor for the armies of Y.

Early LifeEdit

Tifus Darrow was born and raised in Z, near the bridge of Protera. Darrow spent much of his youth exploring caves and finding minerals, eventually turning this into an effective mining business at age 22 (year 1234).

Darrow Mining Corp.Edit

Darrow Mining Corporation took off near instantly, expanding from one mine to six in just two years. It established its first mining colony in Nea in 1237, and soon expanded to Palea as well in 1239. At the time of Darrow's death, Darrow Mining Corp. owned 23 mines across 3 continents, including the mining colony that would eventually become Halbrook.


Darrow lived a short life for a dwarf, succumbing to lung injuries at age 121. He left control of Darrow Mining Corp. to his son Darryl , who still runs it to this day. Darrow is buried at the site of the original Darrow mining camp near the bridge of Protera with his trusted shield, Coalenguard .