Artist's rendition

The Titanfish is a large, armored fish found off the coast of Shipwreck Point a select few other locations in Cambria. It is distinguishable because of its enormous size, dual mouths, and thick cartaliginous plating.


A typical Titanfish is born as small as 4 inches long, but can grow to up to 7 feet in length, weighing in around 600 lbs. Despite their size, however, they are only aggressive when threatened, and are normally quite docile, feeding on smaller fish and seiving kelp through its secondary mouth, located directly underneath its main mandible. A Titanfish is capable of fending off predators mostly by being too hard to kill thanks to the thick cartilage plates that adorn it.

In SocietyEdit

Titanfish are the key tourist attraction of Shipwreck Point, but pretty much anywhere, they are considered a delicacy more than anything else. Beneath the thick armor plating is a very sweet and tender meat that many chefs across the world use.