White Cap is a city to the north of the Hudd Mountains


A typical day in White Cap.

in northern Palea, with a population of approximately 40,000. It is the capital of Leyra, and is home to the Northern Ley Line College, dedicated to studying the massive energy center at the tip of Leyra's penninsula.

General InfoEdit

White Cap is mostly ignored by the rest of Palea, and is quite secluded in itself. Nearly every citizen of White Cap is a wizard or sorcerer, and most all of the income coming into the town is from scholarly work. The rest comes from enchanting, since White Cap is home to the finest enchanters in Palea, and arguably all of Cambria.

Since The Red RuinEdit

Though the people of White Cap have pretty much ignored the catastrophe to the south, many magic users have been having trouble with their spells since The Red Ruin. A small sect of wizards calling themselves The Red Mages have left the city to investigate happenings in and around Halbrook. Any information about this is appreciated.