Whitewinds is a small city in western Palea, on the far end of the dangerous forest known as The Darrows.

General InfoEdit

Whitewinds has a population of 6,000 people, of which 98.5% worship Pelor, the sun god. Founded as a religious escape, it has since become the home of many Pelor-worshippers in the continent. It runs on fishing income, hunting, subsistence agriculture, and donations.


Religion plays a hugely important role in Whitewinds, run by mayor and pastor Bill Montajay. Prayer is done by everyone in town at the same time in the morning and evening, as signaled by church bells.

Life near The DarrowsEdit

Life near The Darrows is a dangerous idea, but the people of Whitewinds trust Pelor to keep them safe from the swamp beasts and the legend known as The Darrowman. It's estimated that 160 people a year are lost to the dangers of the forest.

Since The Red RuinEdit

The Darrowman has reportedly been seen wandering the edges of the forests more frequently than usual.

The beasts of The Darrows have become more aggressive, and some seem to have mutated. They pose a larger threat than ever.

Father Montajay needs help keeping people calm and safe in town.